Friday, February 7, 2020


Everything is all Doug’s fault.  The Horn of Destiny is missing from the Seraphim Symphonic practice room and the Apocalypse is set to begin prematurely.  He always was a clumsy GA-1 (Guardian Angel First Degree).  No wonder he never got promoted. 

Now the fate of the world rests in the hands of his human client, a mentally unstable trumpet player named Steve who takes all his advice from his pet cat Smokey.  Oh, and someone on earth had the bright idea to run the dreaded Horn of Destiny through a 3-D printer and sell copies on eBay.  God help us all!

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Eye Bleach

Psychologist, Dr. Sylvia Marstens, is making a fresh start.  The move from NYU to Silicon Valley is just the ticket to break out of her rut.  With a huge boost in salary, beautiful California weather, and complete autonomy at work, her new job is a dream come true.  

The world’s largest online video sharing service, UVid, has a problem.  The Content Moderators hired to review questionable materials are quitting en masse.  Some videos are just too disturbing and disgusting to forget.  Dr. Marstens, with her unorthodox method of isolating and suppressing traumatic memories, has the perfect solution to solve UVid’s expensive turnover troubles.  Her controversial technique, long denounced in the halls of academia, is more than welcome in the land of algorithms and code.  It is a match made in heaven.

She soon discovers some traumas cut too deep.  Sometimes the past comes back.  Some horrors will not stay buried.  In this terrifying thriller, Dr. Marstens finds even she cannot escape her own dark history, because some things seen, can never be unseen.  

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Gospel of Pilate

For two thousand years, the name of Pontius Pilate has been remembered with vile contempt.  Cursed by countless generations for his one fateful decision, this otherwise obscure Roman bureaucrat has been forever damned in the eyes of history.  Now, however, a subway construction project under the streets of modern Rome has inadvertently uncovered the archeological find of the millennium.  Inside a long forgotten chamber beneath the ruins of Nero’s Golden House, a confidential report to Emperor Tiberius has been discovered that could turn all of history on its head.

In this fast-paced, action-packed, historical thriller, archeologist Dr. Thomas Lampton and his girlfriend, Victoria Alberghetti, will have their relationship tested, and their comfortable world turned upside down as a result of this astonishing find.  After translating the ancient scrolls, Thomas uncovers the story — behind the story — of the most famous trial in history.  A lifelong skeptic, reading the eyewitness account of the trial, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, from Pontius Pilate’s perspective, throws everything he thought he once knew into chaos.  It also puts he and Victoria’s lives in jeopardy.

Men will kill to acquire these priceless documents.  Powerful forces will stop at nothing to keep their explosive secrets hidden.  Because now, after centuries of silence, Pontius Pilate will finally have his say.  His answer to the most important question ever asked, what is truth, will shake the world to its very foundations.